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Standard Terms and Conditions


1. The recipient shall be deemed to have accepted the following Standard Terms and Conditions when he/she uses the above offer. A use of the offer shall be deemed to have occurred when we or the Vendor/Landlord has been contacted in connection with the property an offer.

2. Our offers are subject to change and non-binding. The property-related information will be given based an the information received from the Vendor/Landlord or from other persons entitled to provide such information. No responsibility will be accepted for errors. The right to sell or rent the property prior to signing will be reserved. We will be unable to accept any liability for the creditworthiness of a named prospective customer. The creditworthiness shall only be verified if this has expressly been agreed with us.


3. Commissions shall become payable at closing in the amounts which are stated in the respective offers; in the event that no such amounts are stated, a commission shall be deemed to have been agreed in accordance with the local custom. The amount of the gross commission shall be adjusted in the event of the tax rate being changed.


4. In the event that the recipient has prior knowledge of the property referred to in the offer, we shall immediately be informed in writing, at the latest within three days from receipt of our offer. Failure to do so shall result in the broker's activity being irrevocably deemed to have been causal if the recipient enters into the main agreement in relation to the offered property. Any objections an the basis of a missing causal link shall be excluded.


5. Our offers are exclusively meant for the recipient and shall be treated confidentially. In the event that they are passed an to third persons without our consent, the recipient shall be liable to pay the commission which has been agreed or which is in keeping with the local custom, provided that the third person enters into the transaction without having concluded an agreement with us. The right to claim damages shall become due when the transaction between the Owner/Landlord and the third person has validly been closed.


6. We shall be entitled - provided that the respective interests are safeguarded - to provide services to the other party to the agreement, in return for a commission.


7. The right to claim a commission shall remain unaffected if despite the originally intended transaction a different transaction is entered into (e g. sale rather than rent, installment purchase rather than purchase etc.), provided that the economic result does not substantially differ from what was originally intended.


8. Rights of retention and set-off against the claim for commission shall be excluded, provided that the counterclaim is contentious or has not been determined by a court of law.


9. The place of performance - and vis-à-vis merchants the legal venue - shall be Munich. All agreements and legal disputes shall be governed by the laws of Germany. 


10. To be valid, amendments to the contractual terms between the parties shall require to be in writing. 


11. The invalidity of one or several of the above terms and conditions shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. 


12. An invalid provision shall be replaced with a provision which reflects as closely as possible the commercial interests pursued by the invalid provision and which does not contravene the purpose of the agreement.